We designed the IEEES evaluation format to provide the information the end user needs in order to make an informed determination. Each report indicates the following:

  1. The credential required for admission to each program.
  2. The level of the program (i.e., secondary, postsecondary).
  3. The indigenous qualification terminology and the most sensible English translation.
  4. The coursework required for all postsecondary programs. If no grade report is available for evaluation, we will reconstruct based on our resources to the extent possible.
  5. The resources used in making the determination.



Normal 15 business day service:

General $95
Course-by-Course $175

3-day expedited service:

General $185
Course-by-Course $265

1-day service (General only): $275

Overnight delivery: $50

Additional copies: $35 each

We mail the original report plus one copy at each service level. In cases involving requests for additional documentation or suspected alteration, the count starts when we determine that we have received all necessary documentation.

414 319 5000 PHONE

414 319 5003 FAX