Request an Evaluation Report

It’s easy to apply for an EdEvals evaluation report! Simply download the application by clicking the “Download PDF” button at left. Complete the application, then mail or email it to us with the required documentation.

Email: Download and complete the fillable PDF application form and email it with copies of your documents.

Mail: Download the PDF, print, and mail the application with copies of your documents.

Important Information to Know Before Applying

  • It will be easier to complete the application form if you have the following information prepared ahead of time:

-A list of all educational institutions attended, beginning with secondary school. The names must be listed in both the native language and English.
-The names of all credentials received, starting with the final year of secondary school. The names must be listed in both the native language and English.
-Copies of the degree or diploma received for each program.
-Copies of an official transcript or grade reports for each postsecondary program.
-An accurate English translation for all documents issued in a language other than English.
-The address(es) where you would like us to mail the completed evaluation report.

  • Payment must be received before work will begin on your application. (This does not apply to corporate or institutional clients.)
  • EdEvals may need to request additional documentation from you. In some cases, we may need you to send us original documents or have documents sent from the issuing institutiton. If additional documentation is needed, it may delay the evaluation process.
  • If altered, falsified, or forged documents are submitted, no evaluation report will be prepared, no refund will be made, and the information may be shared with government agencies and other evaluation services.
  • ¬†Evaluation reports prepared by EdEvals are advisory and are not binding on any institution, organization, or agency that may use them.¬†EdEvals is not responsible for any damages resulting from the use or misuse of an evaluation report.

Refund Policy

Once an application has been submitted, we cannot issue a refund. If you have any questions about the application process or about the documents required, please contact us before submitting your application.

We’re here to help! If you have any questions, please contact us.